Maka Command Line Interface (CLI)

npm i -g maka-cli@latest

A command line interface that empowers your productivity when developing Meteor applications.

What is Maka-CLI?

Maka-CLI is years of my knowledge of building Meteor projects rolled up into an executable command. All the heartache, all the joy. The trips and falls and picking myself up again. Figuring out how to build Full-Stack Javascript projects that can scale, and flourish. How to roll out robust, stable, and secure applications, and do it faster than everyone else.

Maka-CLI gets you past all those other software developers who are stuck building out APIs, browser routes, etc. from hand, time after time. Maka-CLI empowers you to build what you want to build, and get far past the boilerplate.

What can you CREATE with Maka-CLI?

Instant Prototypes
SSR Websites
PSQL, MYSQL, and MSSQL DB connections
React applications
GraphQL applications
Matarial-UI Websites
iOS and Android Apps
Blaze Websites
Logging Services
Docker Images

What can you DO with Maka-CLI?

Manage AWS EC2s
Monitor running applications
Deploy to any Ubuntu server
Install Meteor on Windows without Chocolatey
Keep your project organized
Run Jasmine or Mocha Tests
Generate JSDoc